Platforms are using social media AI technologies more and more to learn more about their audience, anticipate what will resonate with them, automatically generate posts and photos, identify patterns among their users, and comprehend sentiment. Through content dictation, comment moderation, and content and account suggestion, AI enhances social media usage. But AI also complicates marketing as it has to estimate what kind of material would appeal to AI algorithms as well as human viewers. Social media managers frequently struggle to strike a balance between AI algorithms and human interaction, which results in cheap tactics and fads that don't add value over time.

However, by making sense of the massive quantity of data offered by platforms, AI may assist in producing social media marketing that is more genuine and human. AI may improve businesses' digital marketing tactics by cutting expenses and increasing revenue. AI can learn from data to find new audiences, recognize content that engages users, and forecast their willingness to make a purchase. Automating the generation of content, resizing and reformatting creativity for various platforms, and focusing advertisements on social media viewers, may help lower expenses. AI can also forecast which users are more likely to act and make larger purchases, which lowers the overall cost of social media marketing initiatives.

Influencer research tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI) examine a range of social media data to determine which accounts can offer the greatest engagement, reach, and influence for a specific industry. With the use of technology, brands may even construct artificial intelligence (AI) influencers.

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