Reels are short videos ranging from 15 to 90 seconds that you can make, edit, and post to Instagram. The result of Instagram's constant efforts to maintain the platform's inventiveness, excitement, and relevance. More advanced video editing techniques are available in reels. Reels are reusable, so viewers may return to them at their convenience. Reels are superior to Instagram posts and stories in that they make it simple to produce visually attractive and extremely engaging videos.

1. Reels are given priority by Instagram's algorithm, and as a result, advertisers are seeing greater interaction rates when compared to regular postings. 

2. Reels are extremely simple to distribute, which facilitates quicker distribution and expansion of material. In other words, greater involvement may result from receiving more likes, comments, and shares.

3. Reels provide a higher degree of creative freedom than regular blog posts. These brief snippets concentrated on video content that explored a broader spectrum of concepts. 

4. By offering a platform that speaks to Generation Z's habits of content consumption, reels assist you in reaching a younger audience.

5. By getting featured on the explore page, the videos reach a broad amount of audience other than the already existing loyal audience. 

Every month, 2.35 billion individuals see reels on Instagram, which are a popular form of contact. With its 90-second video limit, Instagram reels are most popular in India. Brands may increase their organic reach and even get new followers by using reels as an innovative way to highlight items and engage with younger people.

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