In today’s competitive digital outlook, businesses need to rely on and grasp social media platforms to boost their brand and increase visibility. This speeds up the overall engagement with the audience. Twitter marketing consists of using Twitter marketing services to achieve your company’s goals be it boosting sales, the traffic of your website, or the overall engagement with the audience. The creation, curation, and sharing of content help engage followers. Twitter is one such platform that is reliable for promoting products, services, clients, and content to commute and engage with targeted audiences.A novel approach to increase a brand’s visibility on this dynamic network. One should be able to come up with services that resonate, boost rhetoric, and provoke tweets.

The analyses of data pave the way for the services to single out possible trending topics before they peak, offering crucial understanding into the engagements by the audience. This tracks the retweets, mentions, and impressions. Through this, the brand can gain an easy-to-understand perception of what will work and what will not. This guarantees that advertisements are consistently altered maximising their scope for life. Some of the features of marketing are as follows:

1. Trends on Twitter

The Trends on Twitter create a buzz around multiple issues. A trending topic refers to a topic, word, phrase, or hashtag. These are useful for creating curiosity about the subjects or conversations taking place. 

2. Circle on Twitter 

The Circle on Twitter gives you a chance to build a small group of people selected by you and tweet solely to that group. Only the added people in your Twitter circle can view the content you post and interact with the posted tweets. 

3. Communities on Twitter 

Communities on Twitter are all about creating your brand, along with the audience, creating your community. This allows you to start a group or join one of the similarly oriented accounts, gathering relevant content. 

4. Spaces on Twitter

The Spaces on Twitter is the platform’s version of a live audio chatroom. One may host and participate in audio discussions held in Twitter Spaces. This provides significant advantages for brands and companies. Here, Social Audio maximises the potential of live audio to engage your audience in real time.

5. Lists on Twitter

The Lists on Twitter allow you to tune in on relevant topics or significant persons. 

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