Given their constant production of written material with a large following, bloggers are among the finest influencers. Influencers write in an engaging manner and support their points with pictures and videos. Bloggers that regularly write for large audiences and have an engaging writing style employing videos are known as blogger influencers, and they can be found in almost every nation. 

The link between bloggers and influencer marketing provides readers with in-depth knowledge on various subjects. Readers anticipate seeking advice to lead a specific lifestyle. such as a tight budget and motivation to overcome obstacles in life. The Top 10 Indian Bloggers that have made a way to the hearts and minds of the audience  today are as follows:

1. AMIT AGARWAL- After graduating in Computer Science from IIT Roorkie, Amit Agarwal worked at Goldman Sachs. He left his full-time job in 2004, starting with blogging on, including other technology-related blogs. He also published many of his books along with articles. His estimated income is Rs. 68 Lakh per month. 

2. HARSH AGARWAL- Started his career by working as an engineer from Convergys, before becoming a full-time blogger on his website named ‘ShoutMeLoud’, getting a daily of around 1.5 Million views. His main focus is to write blogs about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Starting a Business, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing with the Finest Web Hosting Services that can be of great help for new bloggers. Harsh Agarwal’s main earning source has been Affiliate Marketing and Advertisements on his website. His estimated income is Rs. 45 Lakh per month. 

3. SHRADHA SHARMA- Along with being the founder of ‘YourStory’, Shradha Sharma aims to guide young entrepreneurs to grow. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked in the media industry as a reporter, for a decade, for CNBC TV18 and the Times of India. Shradha started her website in 2008, publishing about 15,000 stories on it. Her estimated income is Rs. 20 Lakh per month. 

4. ASHISH SINHA- Before working with Yahoo, i2, Ketera, and IBM; Ashish Sinha completed his graduation from both IIT and IIM. He started full-time blogging on his website named ‘NEXTBIGWHAT’ in 2007. He refurbishes his blogs with figures based on starting a new business. He earns by collaborating with other bloggers and advertising through AdSense. His estimated income is Rs. 14.3 Lakhs per month.

5. PRADEEP KUMAR- A famed Indian blogger, intrigued by Fashion, Lifestyle, Business and Travel; Pradeep Kumar established as a figurehead in the blogging industry with ‘HellBoundBloggers’. He is said to have detailed knowledge and an aptness to give feasible guidance. He has got an instinct to equate with readers along with being vehement about guiding them to lead a triumphant life and achieve their main aims. His estimated income is Rs. 3.5 Lakhs per month.

6. NANDHINI SHENOY- From being a Software Engineer at Microsoft to being the CEO & Founder of Pinkvilla for over 15 years, Nandhini Shenoy has established herself over every social platform, having a reach of over 15 Million and a following of over 15 Million. She has been rewarded with Awards for the Best Celebrity Blogger, Website of the Year and Best Celeb Spotting awards. Her estimated income is Rs. 21.8 Lakhs per month. 

7. AASHNA SHROFF- A famous Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer, Aashna Shroff became famous by sharing content on social media, showcasing her ingenious and in-vogue content, encouraging body positivity and self-love. Her estimated income is Rs. 2.65 Lakhs per post. 

8. FAISAL FAROOQI- A technology entrepreneur and the founder of, Faisal Farooqui emphasizes on Consumer Research and Services. His estimated income is Rs. 41.99 Lakhs per month. 

9. ARCHANA DOSHI- CEO & Founder of Archana’s Kitchen, Archana Doshi established her platform in the year 2007, having over 12 Million users making use of her platform exhibiting cooking recipes good for health. Her estimated income is Rs. 8 Lakhs per month. 

10. ANIL AGARWAL- Being a full-time blogger and an SEO Expert, Anil Agarwal launched his website ‘BloggersPassion’ on 1st January 2010, intending to guide people and strengthen a triumphant website from the very beginning. His estimated income is Rs. 10 Lakhs per month. 

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